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About Twit

I grew tired of Facebook. I used to post regularly, but about a year ago I just sort of stopped updating. I was going to delete my Facebook profile, but instead thought...

Why not have some fun?

I decided I'd update my Facebook status with nothing but nonsense. I posted random gibberish like "Rode a giraffe today. He was soft" or "That clock over there took my soup". I wanted to see how long it would take my Facebook "friends" to decide I went crazy (or just block me).

It worked well. The reactions were really funny. Soon though, I realized that coming up with new updates on a regular basis was difficult. I'm just not that witty. So I automated the process. I wrote an application to tap into Twitter's never-ending stream of inane rambling, grabbed a random Tweet from the Twitter-verse and posted it as my Facebook status. The effect was just as good and my time spent thinking up new material was reduced to zero.

Watching my friends react to the Facebook version of me descend into madness was so much fun, I thought I'd take my tool a make it a useable service so anybody else could do the same.

So, if you're like me and are tired of Facebook... or have a dormant account you're willing to have some fun with... or you just want to confuse your friends for a few days, give Twit a go.