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About Living Map...

Living Map is a proof of concept application demonstrating HTML5 Geolocation functionality and real-time data transfer techniques using the BOSH protocol.

Living Map will determine the location of all connected users. When a new user visits Living Map, that user's location will appear on the map in real-time. The most recent user to visit Living Map is displayed in the bottom right hand corner. Visitor's that leave will be removed from the Map.

You can send a message to any user on the map by clicking on that user's marker. You can jump to a user's marker by clicking on a link in the events box. Sent and received messages will appear in the notifications box. When a message is sent between two users, a line will be drawn between the user's map markers. This too, occurs in real-time.

The icons on the map represent the following users...
Users verified location through geolocation
Users who manually entered their information